It’s the final stretch! The Remnant comes out on Halloween and I am so proud and excited for this one. The Remnant is part two in The One-Horned Heretic, my grimdark fantasy short story series. Here is the book blurb and some more info:

I am especially excited for this one because we follow Hagador out into the world of Darkwerks. In part one, The Price, we follow him through a tense escape from an underground city. In The Remnant, Hagador will meet people from many different places and cultures while navigating a harsh wilderness while dealing with the aftermath of a very traumatic accident.

If you haven’t read The Price, make sure you pick it up on Amazon for $.99 beforehand! Here is a little bit about The Price:

Psssstttttt. Here’s a secret. If you sign up for my newsletter, you can receive a FREE preview of The Price, which contains the first three pages. If you enjoy it, then you can purchase it on Amazon!

Thank you for reading! See you on Halloween!

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