In addition to being a writer, I have worked in social media marketing and community management for the last eight years. Now that I have a product I want to sell, and a platform I want to promote, I have finally started employing these skills through my own social media platform as an author.

Viewing myself as a “brand” has been a hard thing to wrap my head around. I have worked with large brands before, from AAA games to satellite radio. Their reach is international and in the millions. I had always viewed my own personal social media as a place to just connect with friends, but ever since I switched gears and focused on growing it as a brand, I have met so many amazing people and accomplished what I wanted to: grow a community around my writing.

This got the wheels turning in my brain. I realized I can be sharing this knowledge that I’ve taken eight years to improve and perfect and share it with that community through my newsletter!

New Year, New Newsletter!

Now that it’s a new year, I revamped my newsletter. I realized I needed something that made it special. Something that was exclusive and useful. I haven’t published enough yet to justify offering writing advice, in my opinion. At least, I haven’t published enough yet! So, each month I’ll be offering social media, graphic design, and community building advice geared towards growing your author platform!

I will cover such things as:

  • How to analyze and understand your social media insights.
  • Simple graphic design principles like:
    • The Rule of Thirds
    • Chooses colors based on the color wheel
    • Typography
    • Composition for different social platforms.
  • The types of social media engagement and which is best for growing community.
  • How to use hashtags effectively.
  • And more!

In addition to that, my newsletters also include:

  • Updates on my works-in-progress.
  • Exclusive offers, like pre-orders and beta-reading opportunities.
  • My monthly additions to my Writing Inspiration Playlist on Spotify.
  • Recommendations on resources geared towards the fantasy, grimdark, and science-fiction genres.

Join my newsletter!

I would be happy to have you join my community of writers and readers! My newsletter goes out at the end of every month.

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