It has been a minute since I had an update! I am very happy to say that the last few months have been incredibly productive. Not only have I been working consistently on my novels, but I am also finished with part two of The One-Horned Heretic Series an am super excited to reveal the cover!

This leg of Hagador’s journey continues my grim-dark/dark fantasy theme so it’s only fitting to release it on Halloween! I am very excited for this one, and excited to introduce a new character I think you will love.

In other news, I commissioned an artist to paint a picture of Hagador! I have bounced back and forth between where I want to use it. I was originally going to use it as a cover for part one, The Price, but I am considering using it for the paperback that will come out when I finish all three parts. I will be posting updates on the progress of it on my Patreon for those who would like to become part of my Patreon community!

Speaking of The Price, I redid the cover for it when I made the cover for The Remnant. Seeing it’s a series, they should all be the same style. Here is the new cover for The Price!

My thought process was that even though the underground entrance was a story element, it wasn’t enough of a story element. Not to mention the very teensy weensy Kindle thumbnail made it hard to see what it was! Now that is it superimposed over a book, which is Asakura’s journal that Hagador received hurriedly before his escape, it adds another story element and (I hope) sparks the question of what it is and what it means.

I can’t wait to release this one! As a new author who is new to the self-publishing realm, I am learning a lot and experimenting a lot, so stay tuned with my updates because I may be releasing part two on more platforms! I suggest signing up for my newsletter and following me on Twitter to hear about updates!

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