Darkwerks, named by The Few who ruled 10,000 years ago, is an expansive and ancient world of varying regions and continents. Largely idyllic in natural beauty, is it however divided politically and religiously, with zones forbidden by Denawyn and The Gods to even set foot in. Here are just a few parts of this world I’ve had in my head for over a decade.

The Few

Very little is known about The Few. What humanity does know comes from religious texts, written when Denawyn was resurrected on the battlefield after a long and vicious war with The Few and during her subsequent pilgrimage with the survivors.

After disappearing 7,000 years ago, whether at the hands of The Gods like Dynism teaches or any number of rumored ways, humanity was left to live in fear of their return, having been decimated by their strange powers called Fewry, which was also lost after their disappearance.

It was said their entire race had “hair the color of fresh blood and golden, glowing eyes, with no pupils, burning like twin suns.” Tall and pale, they gave themselves unnatural long life, manipulating their bloodlines to live no less than 300 years each. What their civilization did in 3,000 years has yet been unmatched by what humanity could accomplish in 10,000.

The Paranese Empire

Encompassing Paran, Midwraith, Hommelslakte, and Dansayu, these countries have remained united for the majority of their histories. Even though some small civil wars, attempted uprisings, and the occasional public dissent pepper their past, they have never broken from the Realm completely.

Paran, a vast, sprawling country of rolling hills and cypress covered coastlines, is Denawyn’s seat of power, in the capital city of Consentia. Paran has never successfully been invaded by another country and remains one of the most powerful, wealthy places in Darkwerks, home to hundreds of farms, settlements, ports, and other businesses owned by lords loyal to the God Queen.

White marble and stucco buildings. Cypress and lemon trees. Clear shores and hot summers. Bustling ports and grand, gorgeous temples. As beautiful as it is, it’s people remain largely ignorant to the political and religious strife outside of their idyllic country.


The oldest country in Darkwerks, Bovidae was established well before the war ended by the Ovis, a race of horned beings who were supposedly created by The Few to act as their guards and warriors towards the end of their reign. Seeing the devastation caused during the war, they fled to the northern tundras, denouncing any involvement in the affairs of Man. They have successfully evaded being conquered, mostly due to a very strong prejudice against their kind for their rumored involvement with the Few. The Ovis stay out of the Paranese realm, and humans stay out of Bovidae.

Bovidae is a cold, arid region with expansive, flat tundra and rocky, treacherous mountains. Only the Ovis have ever explored it fully, chasing out or killing any human explorers bold enough to set foot in Bovidae. The Ovis are said to be highly intelligent and excellent at keeping records, claiming to have a library that could rival Golgaterrath’s, especially on the subjects of history and medicine.

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