It is hard to put into words what inspired me to tell this story, a story that is as wide as it is deep. Albert Camus and his thoughts on the human condition. Tolkien’s incredibly immersive and emotional world. Gerald Brom and Zdzisław Beksiński’s incredible paintings. The multitudes of video games that I’ve played over the years. My aspirations to learn everything there is about space and time. The list goes on and on. I have always been a fan of science-fiction and fantasy, but in my experience, they have always been very separate from each other. Fantasy is over there, Science-Fiction in the other corner, and never the twain shall meet.

…but what if they do?

World Plot

The main story line that begins with book one will continue for at least three books and span 40 years. In the middle of that timeline, my short story series The One-Horned Heretic takes place between book one and two.

Darkwerks has been ruled by the immortal Queen Denawyn for 7,000 years, revered as a deity and placed in a seat of power for her connection to the Dué No Eden, the Two Gods that brought her back to life and made her immortal. As payment, she made an oath to be their mouthpiece to society, guiding humanity through their lives and passing on knowledge from the Gods.

Humanity is plagued by the feared return of The Few, an advanced civilization that ruled before Queen Denawyn, who disappeared at the end of a devastating war between the humans and The Few. So many died and so much was lost, humans know almost nothing about them or their mysterious and dark powers called Fewry. Dynism, the religion surround Denawyn and her gods, say the Gods came down and resurrected her on the battle field, hurling The Few and their cities into the sky, never to be seen again. Others say they fled across the sea, and many more say they were killed in battle, the stragglers hunted down and slaughtered for their war crimes against humanity and their rebellion against their shared Gods.

Every 100 years, Denawyn makes a pilgrimage to confer with the Gods in person. In between, they send her God Laws; edicts, advice, and gifts of knowledge to humanity to guide them and advance them in their existence. At the start of book one, she is given three at once like nothing she’s been asked before; to start a war with Udena, a nation that denounced Dynism, assassinate a child in secret, and decree the study of The Few heretical, punishable by death.

Further on, we will see Denawyn be put in situations that make her doubt her place in all of this; where did she come from? Why doesn’t she remember her childhood? We will also meet a host of characters from different countries and backgrounds, all facing very human issues as they grapple with their place in the world.

Art and photos used as inspiration, found on Pinterest.

Story Elements

Immortality & The Human Condition.

I don’t think there are many people who would pass up the chance to live forever. Death is something we all face, and at a certain point in life it starts to scare you.

With Denawyn especially I wanted to explore the negative impact of never dying and what a world would look like where only one person could ever be immortal. Is society jealous and angry or do they revere her? What are the struggles of being married to an immortal? How would it feel to watch everyone around you die but you are allowed to witness life infinitum? Would you still be capable of love and human emotions after 7,000 years?

I also touch on elements of the human condition outside of Denawyn, such as the struggle for power, being a leader and holding responsibility for many people, putting your own needs aside for the needs of the many, personal guilt and how it impacts your life.

Magic, At A Cost.

Who doesn’t love magic? For my own writing, I refrain from using the word “magic” because I think by now it instantly puts a picture in your head of magic spells, innate powers, and spoken charms. So I developed my own system with its own name and an extremely hefty, weighty cost to use. I want my readers to constantly be asking the question “What would I sacrifice to have even the tiniest taste of inhuman power?” A limb? A loved one? A few years off of your life? Also, there will be no elves, dwarves, wands, spell books, or charms in sight.

Religion and Blind Faith.

It is no secret that I am an atheist, but I am however absolutely fascinated by religion, particularly what makes people believe. Given that my main character is seen as a deity, confers with the Gods, and is the head of a religion based around her, my books will have many elements pertaining to religion and faith.

Art and photos used as inspiration, found on Pinterest.

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