I have carried these characters with me for over a decade. Enjoy meeting them; they each carry a part of me with them now.

DENAWYN DUROVERNA, God Queen of Darkwerks, Commander of Paranese Armed Forces

Denawyn is the only known immortal on Darkwerks, about to turn 7,000 years old. Her history and life are long, dark, and storied, and after 7,000 years, she doesn’t remember a lot of it. Fierce, hard, and formidable in battle, she rides in the vanguard of any war or battle she fights, making her as feared as she is revered. She carries a horrifying scar from her left eye to her right hip, so thick and brutal it could have cut her clear in half. Denawyn doesn’t remember it happening, but the religious texts say that Calamity, or “The White Demon” as she is known, cut her down in battle, which led to her resurrection and the banishment of The Few, neither of which she remembers. Most of her life she has been searching for answers, and finding very little.

Art by Mariya Negoduet, used as inspiration for Denawyn.

BILLY ANGEL, “The Halfway”, Portmaster of Phinicos, Cat Dad, wanted in five countries.

Billy has seen and done it all and now he just wants to retire with his three cats, Barnacle, Peggy, and Rusty. Born and raised in the Free Islands of Phinicos, they were the first successful country to declare independence from Denawyn’s realm. Taking after his father, Billy became a smuggler, taking his ship The Halfway Hound all over Darkwerks, smuggling in and out goods and people to keep Phinicos a thriving, independent country. When Billy was too young to remember, his parents left Phinicos and never returned. He never knew why and after a while, stopped caring, concluding that they just weren’t ready to be parents. The grudge Billy held for them would never go away.

Art by sharandula, used as inspiration for Billy.

HAGADOR of Clan Karch, “The One-Horned Heretic”, in exile for crimes against humanity.

Already an outsider in Darkwerks for being an Ovis, Hagador was the first of his clan to leave Bovidae. The only country to have existed outside of Denawyn’s rule since it began, Bovidaen Ovis are shunned for their fabled association with The Few, a nearly 10,000 year old prejudice deeply rooted in fear that shows no sign of fading. Once an Ovis leaves, though, they can never return as per their clan customs. After being accepted to the Academy at Golgaterrath where they are more accepting of outsiders, Hagador performed Fewry illegally and poorly, resulting in the death of four students, the disappearance of another, and the loss of one of his horns. Since then, he has been in exile in The Void, a strip of “godless, lawless” lands, also called “The Valley”, that exist outside of any political or religious rule. He now works as a healer for The Valley, taking care of it’s many miscreants and refugees just trying to survive.

Art by Athavan Ananthakanesamoorthy, used as inspiration for Hagador.

HA’ANOFRET AKENATH, Heir Apparent to Udena, Hyena Mom, sole survivor.

Ha’anofret has only ever known war. Udena, the desert Empire that once rivaled Denawyn’s Paranese Empire in size and wealth, had slowly dissolved into a struggling shell of it’s former glory after it denounced Dynism as it’s sole religion. Desperate to regain power, Ha’anofret’s father, The King of Udena, picked battles with the neighboring countries, always returning defeated. After picking the wrong fight, Denawyn invaded Udena without mercy, slaughtering Ha’anofret’s family in front of her when she was 12, surviving only because of her wit and quick thinking, resulting in the Paranese occupying her country while allowing her to remain Heir Apparent. Before he died, Ha’ano’s father revealed something to Denawyn which she didn’t fully understand, so she struck a deal with 12 year-old Ha’anofret; “find out what your father meant, and I will give you your country back.” 30 years later and she still hasn’t. Besides her children, her only enjoyment comes from raising Hyena’s.

Art found on Pinterest used as inspiration for Ha’anofret.

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