One-Horned Heretic

Hagador has committed the highest heretical crime in Darkwerks; the use of Fewry. Ancient, misunderstood, illegal, and sacrificial, he only used it to help a friend, but instead massacred four more. Already discriminated against for being an Ovis, he must now run west to The Void, the only safe haven left for those who have committed crimes against the Gods and their God-Queen. Not only will he traverse the borderlands where law and order are just as scarce as friendly faces, but Hagador will also grapple with the weight of what he did and that part of him kind of liked it.

This is my first book, a grimdark fantasy novel that deals with feelings of guilt and addiction as well as racism and religious zealotry.

Smash Cut

My first foray into flash fiction, I hope to finish this contemporary 1,000 word piece by May 2021 and submit it.