This website looks like it was made by a very serious person. I am in fact, not. Nothing I say in person is serious, but my writing is very dark. Goofy on the outside, dark on the inside…yea, that sounds like me.

It’s me, another aspiring writer.

At 29 years of age I feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes already, with the amount of twists and turns I’ve taken. What a wild ride it’s been but it has finally led me here.

What is here? I am no stranger to WordPress having built multiple websites on this platform, but now I am doing something different. For the last ten years I have had locked inside me an enormous fantasy and science fiction universe with characters, wars, stories, and planets that I’ve only ever chipped away at. This past year I have gone full tilt on getting it all out on paper and so far, I have made great progress.

However now I need to build a community around it. No one knows a single thing about my story, the world, or the people in it. I wanted to start this site as a blog for me to write down my progress, share excerpts or ideas I had, and build a community around my book(s) and universe. Any support would be wildly appreciated.

What am I like outside of writing?

What do I do for work?

I work in the music industry as a community builder and marketing specialist! I worked in the video game industry for 6 years and got the hell out of that industry.

What do I do for fun?

  • Play the drums
  • Watch the Mets lose
  • Practice Krav Maga
  • Play a lot of video games
  • Travel as much as I can
  • Eat…a lot. I love food.


  • Food: Sushi
  • Book: Fight Club
  • Movie: Snatch
  • TV Show: Mad Men
  • Animation: Bob’s Burgers
  • Band: Tool

Fun Facts & Quirks

  • I can quote you under the table with The Office, Monty Python, and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • I absolutely hate coffee.
  • I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident but I’m convinced I wouldn’t be where I am today if it didn’t happen.
  • I am really good at darts and playing cards, so watch out.
  • I used to be a food photographer, a personal trainer, a horse trainer, and I worked for the World Science Festival and met Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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