I am so excited to announce that my first short story is now available on Amazon for $.99! It is a 6,000 word, roughly 15-20 minute fantasy read that will have two more stories in the series.

It’s a really proud moment for me, to finally say I published something. I haven’t been working on this short story series for long, but I have been working on the novels that take place in the same world for years. I knew that it would be a while before the novels were finished, so publishing this in the mean time gave me a good confidence boost to get the novels done!

Scroll down for a preview excerpt. Like most of my writing, it’s dark, complex, and full of mystery. I like leaving readers with questions (that will of course be answered) but in the meantime, you are left with burning curiosity. I hope you check it out!

"There was a feeling. It was warm and sensual. It beckoned him. It was the feeling of having a mistress, of eating a delicious and unusual meal. It was bliss and arousal and elation. He felt it in his arms and his chest, his lower abdomen and his tongue. It was everywhere. It was better than sex and drugs and all the happiness love could provide. He wanted more. He wanted to drink deep its promises of never-ending power and fill his mind with its siren song. And then he saw it. It was ungodly and wretched. It was dead things and misery, and what it meant to be soulless. It called to him, but this place he didn’t want to go. It called and it called. Wordlessly it asked him what his price was. There was no clock, but he could feel time was short. He couldn’t think, there was something pulling him. The hands were like a vice, and damp. The smell, sweet with death. Time was up and his choice was made for him. His scream was primal and extraordinary—his head felt like it had been ripped from his shoulders. And then all feeling, the bliss and the misery, were gone as quickly as they came."

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